Blue Cactus Consulting was formed in 2005 by Yaniv Sneor, shortly  after the sale of a company that he ran, when a due diligence project became a consulting assignment.  Blue Cactus grew as a result of new customer engagements in projects, and assignments that drew on the experiences Yaniv gained while starting, running, growing and turning around companies, and commercializing new technologies – in a variety of industries and fields.

Blue Cactus Consulting works primarily with life and physical sciences companies:

  • Startups & Small Companies – startup, growth, technology commercialization, funding, Interim executive, assessment of new opportunities and first-time issues
  • Medium Sized Companies – growth, technology commercialization, revitalization, turnaround, assessment of new opportunities, interim executive and due diligence issues
  • Large Companies – assessment of new opportunities, technology commercialization and due diligence issues

In addition to the functions noted above, we regularly serve as a sounding board for the CEOs, Presidents and Executives who engage us.