“Yaniv Sneor’s impact on the direction of my work has been substantial.  As an academic scientist spinning off my first company, Yaniv has given me perspective on the market opportunity and helped me realize that a subtle change in my research may lead to a more viable product with a much earlier market entrance than my original direction.  These valuable discussions and direction changes have lead to significant investment in my platform technology and have taught me lessons that I’ll carry with me through my career.”


Yaniv Sneor is an imaginative business consultant with a skill for understanding the intentions of business owners. In my time working with Yaniv, I was challenged to think in depth about what it is exactly that I do and how best to simply convey that message to others.

His industry and business expertise is of immense value to the companies he consults. He definitely surpassed my expectations and delivered results that will continue to my benefit my operations for years to come. I look forward to the opportunity of working with him again and highly recommend his service to others.”


“Yaniv Sneor has always given me solid advice and insight in business areas of which I know dangerously too little.  Things they never teach in medical school.

Being able to sit down with a battle hardened veteran such as Yaniv is invaluable.  He warns me of pitfalls I never thought existed, and helped steer me around them.  As my father used to tell me, “The best buy for a nickel is a telephone call to the right person”.


I have worked with Yaniv for almost a year now. Yaniv provided my company with very valuable advice and hands on support in rewriting our business plan and scrutinizing our business model.

He gave us sincere recommendations on how to rethink our business model and how to make our company more lucrative for potential investors.

Furthermore, he made and is still making for us several introductions to his network to help us monetize our products and services.

Overall, I am quite impressed with the way in which Yaniv has a focused mind with obvious expertise and vision that is manifested in the form of innovative solutions to many different problems. I consider Yaniv to be among the top consultants we dealt with.


 Value and benefits of Yaniv’s services:

  1. Successfully rewrote and re-printed our brochure and updated our website, which has been well received.
  2. Partnered with a […] company based on the coaching provided by Yaniv.  Contracts will be signed next week.  Gives us the opportunity to provide services to […] companies on […] products.
  3. Opportunity with […] company is in the works and contracts are being drawn up.
  4. Entire commercial market strategy changed and modified to incorporate advice and guidance provided by Yaniv, which has been very successful to us during these economic trying times.

Our company has learned great lessons from Yaniv; the task of bringing new technology to market is fraught with risks and uncertainties, which lead to frequent failures.

We’ve been able to commercialize our technology, through a process that has a structure and many predictive elements to it, thanks to Yaniv.  Following the process has enabled us to reduce the risks and uncertainties to known and manageable levels, which invariably have increased our chances at success, at the very least, helping us avoid costly failures.


“Yaniv was a great resource helping my company enhance our strategic plan. He also was great helping us isolate additional opportunities to pursue and prioritize them.


I like to take this moment to thank you for your time and thoughts. You were helping out a lot by putting ideas together, organizing forms, with advices and keeping me on track. I got  much help from you.

We at […] are very grateful that you were able to help out with your ideas. There is so much we got done in so little time. I’m looking forward in working with you in the future.”


Yaniv’s recommendations were very valuable to me since I have an engineering background and there are may diverse, and, for me, new aspects involved when starting a business. Yaniv has helped me to better identify business weaknesses, he has recommended additional steps, for example, on how to gather market intelligence, and he supported me during the preparation for a conference.

The counseling I have received from Yaniv is very important to me.  I am aware that many early stage technology businesses fail because of business mistakes, and the advice from Yaniv has, in this respect, for me, also a guarding function.  Not having his services would expose me to a significantly larger business risk and result in a slower growth rate or a reduced probability of success for the new formed corporation.


The company benefited from the work Yaniv has done so far, in the following ways:

–      better understanding of products needed by potential customers

–      market validation of product price points


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the business consulting services provided by Yaniv Sneor of Blue Cactus Consulting.

Yaniv offered very useful consultations on the structure of my business plan, proposed marketing and sales strategies, and made some assessments on supplementary documents I had created, like an investor’s presentation I had been writing.

It’s clear that Yaniv loves his work, and takes great pains to be as beneficial as he can to his client’s businesses.  It is partly because of this dedication, partly because of his professionalism and the quality of service that I am happy to offer on behalf of Yaniv and Blue Cactus this recommendation.