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An ANGEL in NY: Yaniv Sneor

Alley Watch - May 8, 2014 From startups to fully mature ventures, Yaniv Sneor has seen it all. With over 20 years experience in all things entrepreneurial, Sneor is an angel investor who young entrepreneurs are lining up to work with. As one of the founders of Mid Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA), Sneor is currently focused on investing in new and developing startups related to life science and biotech. Additionally, Sneor is the President for Blue Cactus Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm “focused on improving operational efficiencies, identifying market opportunities, and maximizing value from technology and strategic advantages.” Sneor’s current focus on the science and biotech field stems from his studies at The Hebrew University, where he majored in Physics and Mathematics. Since then, Sneor has specialized in nearly every entrepreneurial aspect; everything from starting, operating and reorganizing companies, to managing joint ventures and licenses while negotiating and performing due diligence. While his business experience is vast,  his scientific background is one

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An Interview With Yaniv Sneor, the Scientist Turned Life Science Angel Investor

Return On Change blog - 4/1/2014 - In general Life Sciences is an industry that’s tough to crack into (discussed more in details later) but so important in our daily lives. The biotech and medtech companies in Life Science are creating innovative products that are helping to improve the quality and standard of life. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Yaniv Sneor, one of the founders of MABA (Mid Atlantic Bio Angels), a life science angel investor group. With more than 20 years of experience starting, running and restructuring companies, Yaniv is also assisting companies through his consulting practice, Blue Cactus Consulting. Yaniv himself started out as a scientist, fell in love with business, and decided to merge these two together and work with companies in determining how to monetize science. In an industry where large amounts of capital in multiple rounds are needed for testing and clinical trials, afterwards faced

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Thought Leaders: Mid Atlantic Bio Angels founder Yaniv Sneor on what he looks for in new life science investments, red flags, and the importance of investor expertise

Startup Beat - August 7, 2013   A Q&A with Mid Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA) founder Yaniv Sneor about the group, what they look for in potential investments, and why life science startups need investors that are particularly knowledgeable about the sector. MABA is focused on early-stage investments in biotech companies based in the Mid-Atlantic coastal region of the U.S. Invite-only memberships in MABA are extended to active, accredited Angels who seek to make investments in life science companies, as well as institutional investors and life science company venture arms seeking to invest alongside the Angels. It was founded by Sneor, Stephen Goodman, and Bernard Rudnick, and made its first investment this past June ($500,000 in Cerus Endovascular).   SUB: Please describe MABA and its mission.   Sneor: While the Mid-Atlantic region is home to a formidable number of early-stage life science companies, and an even more formidable number of accomplished current and retired life science executives and investors, more often

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